“Fit to Fly”

Being pregnant has made this journey of moving to Hong Kong a bit more challenging.  Since I was almost 30 weeks pregnant my midwife wanted me to have an ultrasound and to be seen by her just before we left.  Wednesday, February 15th I had an ultrasound which showed that our little man was growing normally and that there were no signs of early labor.  I talked with my midwife, we hugged and then I was off.  Literally we left later that day to drive to the Bay Area.

The next day, Thursday after 3 1/2 months of being away I FINALLY got to see Abe!  I picked him up from the airport, our reunion was sweet.  I felt complete again.  We were so happy to be together again.  We spent the next few days with Abe’s family visiting and making memories.  On Monday night late, Abe’s parents took us to the airport.  Off on our adventure.  We began to do what we thought was a routine check-in at SFO international gate of Cathay Pacific Airlines.  I was asked how far along I was and for a letter stating that I was “fit to fly”.  I had my medical records from my midwife in hand that did state how far along I was and that things were ‘normal’.  But I had not such letter specifically stating that I was “fit to fly”.  We were never told that we need such a letter.  If they did not get a written statement faxed from my doctor then I would not be able to fly.

We became nervous.  Abe began pacing.  I called the after hours number for my mid-wife.  Thinking it was a long shot that I would even be able to talk with my midwife.  Peggy, my certified nurse midwife had delivered Simon and Graham.  She was a wonderful person and a fantastic midwife.  Actually it had been hard to imagine her not delivering our fourth boy.  Peggy was a busy midwife though, she is the only midwife that works out of our Adventist hospital in Portland.  She could very likely be in a delivery and unable to help us.

The phone rang and I explained our situation to the answering service.  I found out that Peggy was taking her own calls that night and that if we didn’t get a return call from her in 30 min. to call back.  Still we were unsure it this would work.  We had about 30 min. to check in for this flight.  Abe had been told from Cathay that he would have to report to work on Thursday but that he had to be back in Hong Kong by Wednesday.  This very flight put us getting into Hong Kong Wednesday morning.  If I was not able to make this flight Abe would likely have to go and we would have to take a later flight once I was given the ‘okay’.  Flying alone with the boys was a thought I couldn’t bear to think about again.  It had been such a relief to know that Abe would be able to fly over with us all.  It had been such an answer to many prayers.

The phone rang, it was Peggy!  She was aware of our plans and thought I was calling possibly in labor in San Francisco.  I again explained my situation.  She was happy to help and even talked with the gate agent and explained my condition.  The fax came through and I was declared “fit to fly” we were able to check in for our red-eye flight!  Relieved.  Grateful.  I still got quite a few questions and nervous smiles from flight attendant making sure that I was “fit to fly”.  I just don’t think they wanted to do a delivery on the airline.  How could I blame them.  But the flight went well.  The boys did better than we could have expected on the airplane, they even slept a bit.  Looking back we can see how God provided for us all along this journey.  Fourteen hours later we arrived tired and a little weary but all together!


5 thoughts on ““Fit to Fly”

  1. wow! what a relief that it all worked out! love this idea holly! thanks for keeping us up to date in your adventure in China!!!!!

  2. Woah!!! I had no idea that happened, so last minute! Thank you Lord! Holly, you are more than “Fit to Fly”…. you are FIT FOR HONG KONG living!! I just know it! Can’t wait to hear about your journey, see pics, laugh and cry with you on this blog! xo

  3. If you were fit to start a fire everyday (or at least many) feed three boys and get them to bed, move a house of goods and prepare for the biggest adventure of your life while pregnant and solo… you were certainly fit to fly!

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