Savoring the Tropical Fruit

We have been enjoying the vast array of tropical fruit here. Many of them are new to us. During most trips to the grocery store the boys are each allowed to pick out their own fruit. We are having fruit for dessert after dinner quite a bit of the time, making that a tradition. Abe has been enjoying the mangos and papaya, I am liking the mild flavor of the dragon fruit, Simon’s favorite is still pineapple, Elliot ate almost a whole star fruit himself and Graham pretty much likes it all! 🙂 It has been fun to experience the exotic tastes and beautiful colors of these fruits. Star fruit and Dragon fruit are pictured in the photo. We have yet to try magosteen…have heard it is pretty amazing. Will let ya know how it is Beth! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Savoring the Tropical Fruit

  1. I miss star fruit! I have seen them here, but I miss those in Hong Kong. I think they are tastier there. (And I think I am biased.) Anyway, have you tried durian? I don’t know if it’s durian season yet. It is quite a fruit. You either like it or you don’t! It’s that simple. I belong to the “I don’t like durian” group. Durian fruit has a “smell”…some people think it’s a sweet smell and some just think it smells nasty. I think the smell is tolerable, but I just don’t care for the texture of the durian fruit. Durian fruit comes from Thailand and it is known as “The King of Fruit.” Of course, I don’t think so, but oh well… Another thing: When it is the right season (and I forgot when it is and I can certainly ask my parents), try “Lee-Chee” and “Long-An”. These are Chinese names for the fruit. The fresh ones sure beat the ones from the tin can they serve here! I have bought them from the Japanese store here but still…fresh ones from the source is so much better!

  2. We had dragon fruit in Cambodia and loved it. And all wonderful types of bananas that we don’t get here. Saw dragon fruit at Uwijamaja today in Seattle- only $11.98 a pound!

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