to market to market

Currently we live in an area called Gold Coast. Abe’s company has paid for our apartment here for the first 90 days. It has been a blessing to have a place to stay though we are quickly finding out we need a bigger place. We plan to find our own larger apartment in a similar type community called Discovery Bay, hopefully before the baby arrives. But for now we are enjoying what Gold Coast has to offer. This community is made mostly of Chinese and a small percentage of ex-patriots. There is a nice grocery store and small plaza just a 10 min. walk from our apartment. The grocery store really has most things you would find in a grocery store in the states and then quite a few asian ‘specialties’. 🙂 The store is small and the prices are quite high for some things.

One of our first weekends here we ventured out to the nearest town of Tuen Mun by bus to a local grocery store. It was larger and some of the prices were better. But again it was very similar to a western style grocery store. On the bus ride home Abe mentioned that he saw what looked like an outdoor, more traditional type market on the way home. We decided to stop and have a look. Our senses were full…so many new sights, sounds and smells. Yes smells too!

One of the first things we encountered were cages full of live chickens, lots of them. Since having chickens back home we had to explain to the boys that these weren’t ‘layers’ but fryers! 🙂 Next was all the hanging meats. The Chinese don’t seem to waste any part of the animal. Waste not, want not! The boys wondered at hanging pig ears complete with snout, pig legs complete with the hooves, heart, roasted whole duck – beak included, chicken legs and feet. Next and probably our most favorite part were all of the gorgeous fish. Most of the fish were in water and purchased live. We saw an asian man choose a live fish. The vender caught it, knocked it on the head (killed it) and used a special tool to de-scale it. He then placed it in a bag and used an antiquated type of scale that appeared to look more like a level to see how much the fish weighed. The man paid him and he was off with his fish. We also saw cages of live frogs, turtles and crabs.

There were other venders also at the market selling all sorts of dried meats and fish along with fruits and vegetables. We bought some eggs from one lady. She marveled at us and our 3 boys and one on the way, while we marveled at her produce. Next time we are back maybe we will be brave enough to try her ‘salted ancient eggs’. We still aren’t exactly sure what they were but we think they may be duck eggs that had been ‘aged’ in soil. We left that one for another day.

It was neat to experience a different type of grocery shop! It is easy to forget that there are so many across the globe that live so differently than us. Lots to learn and lots more to experience.


2 thoughts on “to market to market

  1. Thanks so much for posting and sharing the pics. I need to have my kids to look at your pics since they were both born here and have never been to Hong Kong. You are so right — We don’t waste our food at all. We eat ALL parts. Actually, my family and I don’t, but many Chinese people do. =) Chinese people LOVE fresh food…whether it’s vegetables, fish, chickens, or frogs. Live frogs — My mom found some at Uwaljimaya (I think or maybe it was at one of the Chinese stores on 82nd) after I had my C-section with my 2nd one about 8 years ago. Actually, I think they might have been frozen ones here. Anyway, my mom made soup from the frogs for me because the frog soup is supposed to help heal the incisions and scars. Another soup that Chinese people like to make is chicken feet with peanuts. However, I can’t remember what it is good for. (We don’t drink that soup now since my son has a peanut allergy. Just don’t want to chance it.) BTW, “salted ancient eggs” are duck eggs. I think they were aged in salt and soil — Can’t remember on that and I can ask my parents.

  2. wow! duck eggs? I’m left kinds speechless……so proud of you Holly! Wish I could travel around those places with you and see and smell the sights! The boys will never forget this cross/cultural experience =)

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