“Lobby Lady”

In our apartment there is a nice lobby downstairs. There is always a security guard who opens the front door for the residents as they come in and out of the lobby. We have become friends with our “Lobby Lady” as the boys call her. She is there most days and always shakes the boys hands and helps them down the one stair from the front door to outside. When we come back to the apartment she opens the door and gets the elevator for us. The boys always wave to her until the elevator doors shuts and so does she. She has a big smile and a huge heart. The boys give her hugs each time they see her now.

Most afternoons our Lobby Lady has some sort of snack type treat for the boys. They have been given Chinese snack noodles, cookies, pretzels. Last week she gave the boys a pack of dried snack sea weed. They each tried the sea weed…Simon had a bite, Elliot ate his whole piece and Graham ate the rest of the package! This week she gave the boys a chocolate Cadburry egg. The boys have colored her pictures in return. Unfortunately she speaks only Cantonese and we don’t speak much Cantonese yet. We are trying to learn a few words bit by bit. In the mean time it’s amazing to see how kids can connect with other people without words or a common language.


4 thoughts on ““Lobby Lady”

  1. Hello Holly! So good to hear from you. Okay, so I don’t know how much Cantonese you guys have picked up. Below are just a few phrases that may be useful for you and the boys to communicate with the “Lobby Lady”:

    “Joe Sun” = Good Morning.

    “Nay Ho Mah” = How are you?

    “Dor Jeh” = Thank you. This is the “thank you” when someone gives you a gift. In Cantonese, there are two different types of “thank you”…one is when someone gives you a gift and the other is when someone is doing you a favor.

    “Ting Yat Keen” = See you tomorrow.

    I hope this helps. Maybe it’s a start. Keep me posted how it goes. Miss you at CBS! ~ Vinny =)

  2. Your boys love to love. I have noticed this on the far-between occasions I have seen them. You and Abe are teaching them so well. Love to you all. Sharen

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