One Full Week

Health has returned! We are all so thankful to be feeling better and back to normal. (Well as normal as 9 months pregnant can feel for me I guess!) The weather has been sunny and warmer and we have had a busy week. We hit the beach and Elliot caught a jelly fish. We had a few bus rides and a ferry ride, went to church and had a picnic with some new friends. Daddy bought the boys new swim goggles and we have been swimming. We ventured to the market again, found our local library and Abe went on his first flight with Cathay! And doesn’t he look good in that uniform? πŸ™‚ Don’t think next week will be as busy or full. I am getting slower and not to mention bigger. Getting very anxious to meet our little baby boy!


12 thoughts on “One Full Week

  1. So glad to hear you are all better and still out and having adventures- even 9 months pregnant! Praying for an uneventful delivery and that he comes in a convenient time with Abe’s schedule. Wow- can’t believe he is flying the 747! Miss you all.

    • Mary actually today was an ‘observational’ flight for him. He went to Japan today and will be back tonight. He was just excited to sit up front! πŸ™‚ I think he will actually be flying as a second officer in May. He is finishing up all his sim training. Miss you guys too!

  2. SO glad you are all better. We are envying your weather. We woke up to snow – on the ground and in the air – this morning. Dad says he is planning his “Escape from Siberia”. Thanks so much for all the great pictures. Love, Mom

  3. Oh Yes – Abe does look great in his new “outfit”! He could be an airline pilot model for any airline!!

  4. Holly and family – love seeing all the pictures and your updates on your life in Hong Kong. What an experience your young boys are having – can’t wait to see the new little brother they will welcome soon. Love from Chicago. Aunt Louise

  5. Thanks for the update! I may not post often but I’m tracking you. So glad to see you all together and having adventures! enjoy those boys! miss you
    Erin W

      • The skin has finally all grown back but we still need to be careful since it’s so delicate (and itchy). He’s having a pool birthday party on the 21st so we’re praying it all keeps going well so he can finally swim! It was hard for him not to get in the water on our trip to FL and SC though. Thanks for the prayers.

    • Beth they speak very little English but it seems to work out okay somehow. They recognize us now…we do stick out quite a bit…white family with 3 little boys and a very pregnant mama. πŸ™‚ The ladies all seem to smile and enjoy the boys. Very sweet.

  6. AMAZING adventures for the boys and to watch you and Abe with them. It’s wonderful to see your environment. In the market makes me ready for our farmers markets to get into full swing.

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