Bloom Where You’re Planted

Abe went to college at Cal Poly in San Louis Obispo, California. He graduated with a degree in History but he tells me he might as well have another degree in surfing for all the time he spent out riding the waves. The central coast of California holds lots of surfing memories for him along with lots of trips to Mexico and a trip to Indonesia to find amazing surf. He was truly a surfer.

After we both graduated from college we met in the Swiss Alps at the Mountain Hostel in Gimmewald…and amazing story which needs it’s own post! :). Abe seemed to fit the mold of an outdoor mountain type of guy. He had a pair of serious Montrail hiking boots and told us of numerous hikes he’d taken in the mountains surrounding the hostel. He loved God’s creation and being in it. Nearly a year after meeting him in Europe we met up again in the states when he was on a climbing trip up the west coast. He and his good friend Mark Williams climbed Mt. Shasta and Mt. Ranier. Later on during that trip I was able to watch the both of them rock climb at Smith Rocks in Redmond, Oregon. He was my mountain man.

I remember Abe telling me when we’d first met that he loved the Pacific N.W. Another thing that caught my eye in him. After we had been married just over 3 years we moved to our first home in Troutdale, Oregon…back in the N.W. The home that we bought had a large backyard for a house in the suburbs, nearly a third of an acre. It didn’t take him long to dream and plan what to do with that space. He planted our fist garden that spring and each year it has grown in size and yield. We added chickens to our ‘little farm’ and spent lots of time out there together as a family. Abe also became interested in hunting. He shot quite a few ducks close to home and went on deer and elk hunts in Eastern Oregon. In our neighborhood it’s common to see guys heading out before dawn on weekends in the fall to go hunting. Abe was my farmer and my hunter.

Abe still desires to have a farm someday, property to have some animals and to raise a garden again. Lord willing that may happen down the road at some point. But for now God has us in Hong Kong. There is a bit of surf here at times but needless to say there aren’t snow capped mountains to climb and surely no space for our own garden or any real hunting. Since we’ve been here though Abe has spent much time with the boys outside playing soccer (aka football around here). Soccer seems to be the most prominent sport here. Elliot and Simon have been excited to wear and play in the new soccer cleats Abe bought them here. We also brought with us to Hong Kong our tennis rackets and our baseball gloves and a brand new baseball tee and wiffle balls (thanks to Grandpa Raz…we won't forget America's favorite pastime, I promise!). Abe is teaching the boys sport and helping them develop skills. Here and now, Abe is my sporty man.

So many hobbies, interests and skills. I love that Abe loves life and won't let a chance to dive into something pass him by. He is always up for adventure and learning new things. He is teaching our boys to not only try new things and to develop skills but also to take advantage of where God has you and really to “bloom where you're planted”. I love that husband of mine.


6 thoughts on “Bloom Where You’re Planted

  1. love this post. love the way you love your man. love that he finds something great wherever he goes. and i love the cleats. maybe abe is the new sporty spice for now… 😉

  2. Holly. Just learned of your blog today. Love your narrative on Abe. That you love his is so evident. Praise God for such a blessing!
    Love you…Sharen

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