My Mom’s Visit

Since finding out that I was pregnant my mom and I had talked about her coming to visit Hong Kong when the baby was born. My mom had planned on coming but had been sick with bronchitis and pneumonia in February and March. Because of that she hadn’t bought a ticket as early as she thought she would. In the end she was doing well enough to come over and made it here just 2 days after Wesley was born. We were thankful that she was here as early as she was because Wesley arrived 10 days early. It was such a joy to have her here. She was able to stay with us for nearly 3 weeks. At the time we were still living in our small (approx. 650 sq ft apartment provided by Abe’s company). My mom was so easy going about the tight quarters and even though it was more than cozy it really worked out just great.

It was so special and so important to share in those early days of little Wesley’s life with her. Living just 10 minutes from my mom for the past 6 years I have become used to seeing her weekly and sometimes multiple times in a week. Moving to Hong Kong I have missed her greatly. My mom is not only an amazing mom but I count her among my very best friends. She is such a great listener and truly cares about the details of my life. So having my mom here in Hong Kong with us felt just right and so ‘normal’. Not only did we enjoy her company she was a huge help to us. She did countless loads of laundry and made nearly every meal during those 3 weeks and cleaned up after most of them too. She even mended some clothes for us. The boys loved having Grandma here as well. They too have been so used to seeing her often and spending time at their house in Corbett.

While my mom was here we were able to do a few fun day trips. One day we went to Central Hong Kong to visit the Botanical and Zoological gardens. We watched monkeys swing and giant turtles creep. The boys marveled at a huge anaconda snake, longer than all of them put together! While my mom was here Abe went on his first overnight flight. I was thankful to have her here during that time to help care for the boys. It was then that the 2 of us ventured out to our beach with the boys. Golden beach is just about a 15 minute walk from our apartment. It was a hot humid day but we enjoyed the outing and found lots of seashell treasures while the boys played in the water. At the end of her time here the 7 of us made a trip to Stanley, a fun little town on the far side of Hong Kong Island. There we were able to picnic by the water, meander through the market and sit by the beach.

I treasure the time my mom was here. It was so important to me that she see where we are living here and experience our surroundings. I know that she feels the same. Now I’m just looking forward to her next trip here! 🙂


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