HK handbag essentials

I was talking with a friend here the other day laughing at all the things we now carry in our handbags that we never did in the states. It seems that even your bag goes through a cross cultural experience and has to change in some ways. 🙂 Along with the baby things that I now carry with me I also have slowly been adding other necessary items to my handbag. Here is my list of essentials:

1. Octopus card – a prepaid card that is used as payment on all public transit
2. Pocket Tissue – often the restrooms here are not stocked with TP at all so pocket tissue serves the purpose, not a fun item to forget!
3. Hand sanitizer – we use public restrooms more often here due to the use of public transit I think and well…like many public restrooms at home they are dirty. I wouldn’t dare touch some of the sinks, so hand sanitizer it is!
4. Umbrella – we are now in the rainy season and the weather can be so unpredictable and unlike Portland where the rain sort of spits on you, it can dump here!
5. Reusable pocket grocery bag – the grocery stores here charge for any and all plastic bags and you never know when you’ll come across a store or a market that has something that you need.
6. Swashes (hand wipes) – being out in the city using public transportation the boys hands seem to get filthy and hand sanitizer doesn’t cut it.
7. Insect Repellant – The mosquitos are quite bad here and they seem to love us at dusk or broad daylight!

So there you have it. I think that maybe I should start selling HK handbag ‘kits’ for new comers what do you think? 🙂


One thought on “HK handbag essentials

  1. Hahaha…What a list, Holly! This is great and it’s an essential list for anyone who visits Hong Kong. I don’t know about the Octopus Card since we didn’t have it back then. Hand sanitizers, wipes, and pocket tissues are a MUST! Yes, especially the pocket tissues. The loos are quite gross very often…unless you’re in a hotel or good restaurant. The umbrella is a must in the summer. I remember my mom never understands why I don’t carry an umbrella in Oregon. It mists in Oregon but it really pours in Hong Kong.

    Oh yes, I remember another “MUST” in my handbag when I was living in Hong Kong was actually an ID card…some sort of official government document (driver license/passport) to prove who I am. The police were allowed to stop anyone on the street at any time to check their ID cards, just to make sure they are not illegals from mainland China. I don’t think you would be mistaken from an illegal from China and now that Hong Kong is part of China…this may no longer be an issue.

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