first outing alone

We live in Tower 20 – one of the tall buildings on the right.

Our building is the middle one of the tallest buildings on the right.

When Abe went away on his first trip after my mom left I was determined to get out of our apartment with the boys.  The first day we were inside all day and it was a rough day. The second day I knew we had to venture out. I didn’t manage the boys on the bus yet or even a taxi by myself but we went for a great walk.

Out our living room window we have a lovely view of the water and down the way there is a statue here in Gold Coast of some dolphins. We have often wondered just how to get there. So that is just where we went. We found the walkway to the dolphins just past our beach. The dolphin statue was bigger than we had imagined. The boys had fun running about and playing tag with each other around the statue. I sat on a bench, fed the baby and even had a bit of time to soak up the moment with them. And to top it off God blessed us with a sunset on the walk home. What a gift. But needless to say we were grateful when Abe returned! 🙂


2 thoughts on “first outing alone

  1. Holly…I love to read your blog. You are so sensitive and expressive. What a lovely day you had and such wonderful memories to hold. The boys are getting so big!

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