Time Part 1 – Hosting

One of the main reasons that Abe took this job with Cathay Pacific is that we did not have enough family time together back home. Our family was being affected by our lack of time together. Abe’s old schedule with Horizon usually had him flying 4 day trips each week. I would then work 2 days per week when he got home and that would leave us with 1 day off together. Our time at home all together was so precious and we guarded it because there just wasn’t enough of it. We felt grateful if we could all attend church together.

Abe’s schedule now with Cathay is so different. He works 9 days per month and now I am not working. Just this past month he had 12 days off between trips which isn’t unusual. We feel so grateful for this change. Our days are full of time together. My prayer is that we will be intentional with this time. One thing that we have been able to do quite a bit of with our time is host others in our home. We have hosted friends from church a number of times as well as our new Chinese pastor and his family, a couple of colleagues of Abe’s and some neighbors as well. I think we have hosted here in our apartment more in the last 2 months than we had in the past 5 years in Troutdale.

The Johnson kids – Steven and Lucy sharing a meal at the table with our boys…while the parents retreated to the living room! 🙂

Kesiah and Alan (fellow Cathay pilot and neighbor to us here in Gold Coast), Catherine and Jonathan Johnson (good friends and missionaries from our new church)

Celia, Pastor Wong, Candy and their baby Caleb (who is just 10 days older than Wesley!)…their other son Joshua (age 12) is not pictured here.

Pastor Wong and Simon both learning how to play Chess! 🙂

On the practical side we have been blessed with a larger apartment than we first thought we would find here in HK. It is actually a bit bigger than our house in Troutdale. Abe also scouted out furniture for us on craig’s list here. He found us a dining table that extends and can accommodate ten people comfortably. I want our home to be a place of refreshment, a place of peace and retreat for us and those who come into our home. A place of Light.  I still have a lot to learn in how to host well. But it is a meaningful thing to share conversation over a meal with others. It has been a blessing for us as well as our boys to have people in our home and have time to share….because we just have more of it these days.

(now only if we could transplant our family and friends from back home it would be just about perfect!!!)


3 thoughts on “Time Part 1 – Hosting

  1. sounds so refreshing! i’m so glad you guys get this time together and how I wish we could just pop over for dinner sometime

  2. It is great to read your updates—sounds like things are going well—praying for you guys. It is so great to see pictures and hear about things. Love ya.

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