Time Part 2 – Mom & Son dates

Life is busy and full with four little boys no matter how you look at it. But we do have more time together now, the six of us. For a long time I have wanted to take the boys out by themselves…just one of them with me, a mom and son sort of date. Our household is busy and I find that I have to be intentional to talk with them one on one here at home. So often I interact with the boys as a collective group because they are each others playmates and are always it seems in each others’ presence. When those one on one times do happen here at home whether is be a storytime, a talk in the kitchen or playing in the bath it is easy to see that they ‘eat it up’ and enjoy being the focus of attention. Another reason I’ve wanted to spend time with them individually is to just have fun and make memories. So often in this season of parenting the days are full of instruction, correction and discipline. There is so much training going on throughout the day it is easy to let the plain ‘ol fun slip through the cracks.  So being that we have more time now, more days where Abe is home and we are together it has been the perfect time to start having those dates with my boys.

I planned my first date with Elliot a couple of weeks ago. After breakfast one morning Elliot and I walked down to the plaza here in Gold Coast. On the way I asked him what he missed about our home back in Oregon. He shared how he missed his friends, the boys in our neighborhood. We talked about how we’d spend time with them next time we were home to visit.  I also asked him about his favorite thing here in Hong Kong and he quickly exclaimed “swimming”! He held my hand as we walked. How fast he is growing up. I was wondered how long it would be before he wouldn’t want to hold my hand anymore. He is not a little boy anymore…he’s becoming a big kid, a young man. But for now I just enjoyed walking hand in hand with my biggest.

Down at the plaza we sipped on strawberry smoothies and played games at our local coffee shop, Pacific Coffee. He chose Checkers first but after his silly mama couldn’t remember exactly how to play we decided on Battle Ship instead. We played, laughed and just hung out…exactly how I’d wanted to spend the time. Good memories.  So thankful.

Now Simon’s date with mama is coming up next week! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Time Part 2 – Mom & Son dates

  1. Holly, what a smart mamma you are. How special to have these individual times with each of your boys. I’m sure each one will look forward to their turn.

  2. way to go friend! Jon and I try to do that with our little men too…speical dates with each of us just to be together and have fun.

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