missing home

My grandpa’s health has not been the best in recent. I have two dear friends at home who are both expecting a new baby any day now. A treasured college friend just moved to the N.W. Wesley is growing and changing and still none of our family has had the chance to meet him or hold him except my mom.  All of these things have left me missing home much more these past few weeks.  I’ve been wishing that I were there. On top of that summertime in the N.W. is just about as good as it gets. These are the glory days at home.

Summer here in Hong Kong on the other hand is very hot and humid right now. We have been spending a bit more time indoors due to the heat. We are grateful for our pool here though and are spending many late afternoons there. But here are the things I’ve been missing the most this summer….

1. family
2. dear friends
3. berries & berry picking
4. my dahlias
5. our backyard & garden
6. canning with Abe
7. camping
8. BBQ’s out back
9. Beau – our dog
10. Target (yep the store!) 🙂

We are grateful to have confirmed vacation for this coming October. We will be making a trip home for a month or so. What a wonderful time it will be! Looking forward to reunions and introducing our little Wesley to so many, especially our family.

Well N.W. family and friends enjoy those berries for me! Miss you all…but see you in October!


2 thoughts on “missing home

  1. You are right, Holly, there is no better place than the northwest in summer. We are having lovely days and we too wish you could be here to enjoy it. But you are experiencing something that you will never forget and you are having an impact on many people there. You are proving to be a real blessing to many and we know that God has placed you right there for a special purpose. (Just hope that purpose doesn’t take too long!) We love you and miss you and can’t wait until October.

    • Thanks Mom! I’m still praying that this adventure would be 18 months! That would be just about perfect! 🙂 But really His timing is perfect. I’m already making a list of things I want to do with you when we come back in October! 🙂 Love you.

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