I have heard mothers say that they bond with their babies in the womb. Other women say they feel a real bond the moment that their baby is born or placed in their arms. For me I would say with each of my babies it has been more of a process. Each day creates more history, more memories made, hard ones, good ones all the while forming stronger bonds…a connectedness. Wesley is 3 months now and I am really knowing and experiencing that bonding. Our fourth son and such a gift! I can now anticipate his smile, his sleepy eyes, his hungry cry. This has all been part of a process though.

After we brought Wesley home from the hospital in those first few days  we noticed he cried quite a lot. His tummy was notably uncomfortable. Those days quickly turned into weeks. I became increasingly anxious. Graham had colic for 6 months and I dreaded the thought of 6 months of crying again. Wesley continued to be fussy quite a bit although not like Graham was. There were times I became discouraged and was disappointed that God didn’t give me an ‘easy’ baby. After all it was my fourth and I felt I needed an ‘easy’ baby. Having a fussy baby that you can not soothe can make a mother feel like she can’t do her ‘job’. Those were hard weeks.

But now Wesley is 3 months old and it seems gradually but rather quickly he has become a contented baby. His tummy seems more settled. His smiles are freely given. He sleeps well. What a joy to be greeted with his smiling face in the morning. Not to say that I won’t have more hard days or even hard seasons with my little guy but I look back on those days when I was discouraged and I see how short sighted I was. Getting overcome with today chips away at our trust in Him for tomorrow. And really isn’t life about the process? Oh I can hear my dad say it to me like he has many times before “Enjoy the process…life is about the process” Yes the process….the enduring, the trusting, the hoping, the following. And really all of this is part of bonding with each other but with our Savior as well.


One thought on “bonding

  1. Right, Holly. The process sometimes is so difficult, but as said, “the hard times make the good times more delightful.”

    p.s. I can hear your dad too.

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