San Francisco Treats

Abe is a second officer at Cathay Pacific in the 747. One of the places that the 747 frequently flies to is San Francisco. Abe has requested flights to SFO being that Abe’s parents live in the Bay Area and 3 of his sisters live in the surrounding area. It has worked out that he has had 4 flights into SFO in the past 3 months. Of course the boys and I wish that we could tag along on his trips back to the states as well. But Abe has been able to spend time with his family, see his sisters new house, watch a Giants game with his dad and attend church with his folks. His last trip to SF he got to meet his newest nephew who was just 2 days old! Such wonderful timing!

Even thought we haven’t been able to travel with him we have reaped some of the benefits from his trips back home. Each time Abe has gone to SF he has made trips to Costco for us. There are a number of food items that we can’t find here or that are just very expensive. Some things have been hard to live without. πŸ™‚ Among some of the items he’s brought home are Tilamook cheese, tortillas, stawberry jam, bagels, maple syrup, tortilla chips and salsa, ground beef (yes packed with dry ice and all!), bacon and honey. In talking with our American friends here cheese is one thing that we all miss the most it seems…so we have been able to share a few blocks of cheese. What a blessing it has been to have some tastes from home.

This last trip Abe brought home some extra goodies for each of us…blueberries, Oregon Marion berry jam, a new baseball glove, new shorts and a few new onesies for Wesley! I think Wesley’s onesie was my favorite thing from this trip! πŸ™‚ Go GIANTS! πŸ™‚


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