Late, very late entry – 4th of July

Fourth of July is months past now but we had such a memorable day I wanted to be sure to post about it. Our good friends the Johnson’s are from South Carolina and they invited us out to their house in ‘the village’ to celebrate America’s Independence Day. Though we are across the globe it still seem right and good to celebrate with our American friends here on the 4th of July. We were joined by other friends from church, our Chinese pastor and a couple of friends from Gold Coast as well.

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The Johnson’s being from the south know how to cook up a great BBQ. It was a wonderful time. After supper we all went for a walk. The Johnson’s live in Lung Kwu Tan which is just outside Tuen Mun. It’s a small village just across from the beach. It’s a quiet place and behind their village is a big open space that leads up to the hills. It is just beautiful, so lush and green.  Our walk ended at the beach where we watched an incredible sunset as the boys played in the sand and threw rocks in the water. We didn’t see any fireworks this year but we were thankful for good friends to celebrate with while far away from America.


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