Beating the Heat

The summer here in Hong Kong has been like everyone said it would be…Hot and Humid!!! The average daily temps have ranged between the high 80’s and mid 90’s. The real kicker however is the relative humidity which is in the upper 80% range. The nights are warm with lows only in the mid 80’s as well. When there is a breeze the evenings can be really pleasant and wonderful though. I haven’t worn a long sleeve shirt in months! 🙂

We have spent more time indoors due to the hot weather this summer but we have been so grateful for our pool here at Gold Coast. It is just downstairs from our apartment. It is fantastic, the largest pool I think I have seen. When we arrived Elliot was just beginning to swim and Simon didn’t know how to swim yet. Now Elliot is a strong swimmer and Simon can swim now too! Graham isn’t far behind either. Wesley even likes the water. Both Elliot and Simon agree that their favorite thing about living in Hong Kong is that they get to swim a lot. Thankful for our pool where we can beat the heat! 🙂


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