Bible Study

For the last 5 years I have been blessed to have been a part of CBS. Community Bible Study is a non-denominational international organization that holds weekly Bible studies in cities around the world. The verse by verse study and the weekly lecture are tremendous. For the last 4 years I have been part of the Tigard class in Oregon. It was such a sweet place of refreshment to my soul. It’s an amazing gift to be able to open God’s word with other women from all walks of life and learn together.

When we moved to Hong Kong I began searching for CBS. I found out there are actually 2 classes here. Just two months after we moved to HK we had Wesley though and life became a bit more full. Thinking of traveling to Bible study weekly with all 4 boys (when Abe would be working) on public transit sounded too tough at this point. A friend here in Gold Coast had mentioned wanting to meet for Bible study. Both of us had been missing being a part of a Bible study. Not long after that my friend Catherine from church talked with me about her desire to start a women’s Bible study during the summer months. Shortly after that there were 6 of us who began meeting Thursdays mornings at the beginning of the summer. We meet at our coffee shop here in Gold Coast to study God’s Word together. We went through a great study on womanhood this summer and are now doing a study of the book of James. One of the ladies moved away but three new ladies have joined us. My friend Kez is from Kenya and Dora is from Taiwan and five of us are Americans. I treasure the input from these ladies who are literally from all over the globe.

While our class doesn’t have a lecture or corporate worship it is refreshing to my soul in such similar ways. Digging into God’s Word with other ladies…such a blessing.


One thought on “Bible Study

  1. this picture tells such a story….of living internationally, of the unity of those who follow Jesus, the goodness of His word, of the fellowship of women, and of a little coffee haven in the midst of hong kong. i love hearing of God’s provision in your life, holly.

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