I am so blessed to have grown up with my grandma and grandpa Rasmussen as part of my life. And now my own boys know them! My grandpa is 92 and my grandma is 89. My grandpa’s health has recently declined quite rapidly. They had been living in their own home until this past month. My grandparents are now living with my parents as they care for them. In August Abe and I talked of visiting home to see them. Abe had a stretch of days off and he encouraged me to just go and spend time with them. So Graham, Wesley and I made a quick trip back to the N.W. to see my grandparents.

We spent 7 days up in Washington at their home with them. My parents (along with our dog Beau!) were there as well. It was such a blessing to see them again and introduce our newest little boy to them. It warmed my heart to watch my grandpa hold Wesley in his arms. It was hard to see my grandpa’s physical decline but he still had the same smile and the same warm way about him. I can still remember being a little girl visiting them for a week each summer. He was playful and would tease me when I was a little girl sucking my thumb asking, “Well what flavor is it today gal? Chocolate? Strawberry?” 🙂 On a more serious side my grandpa taught me one of the most important sayings I know. One that I now have been teaching my boys. “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.” Invaluable.

The mornings we were there he lead devotions after breakfast just as he always did when we would come to visit them. One day while we were there the Daily Bread devotional was on Heaven. I was reminded that the line between this life and the next is so thin and we don’t know where that line will fall for any of us. At the end of our devotion we all sat around the breakfast table and sang, “When We All Get to Heaven”. What a sweet memory!

My grandparents have known the Lord all their adult lives and have lived and served Him all these years. I look at their lives with such admiration and respect. Faithful….that is the word that I can’t help but think of first when I think of the two of them. Faithful to each other, faithful to their family, faithful to their church and faithful to their God. I want to live my life like that. I want people…my children’s children to say that of me someday.

I will sure miss my grandparents when their days in this life are done. It won’t be the same without them. But how thankful I am to have them in my life. Thankful for the steady strong pillars of faith they have been to me. Thankful.


2 thoughts on “Faithful

  1. Holly you were such a blessing when you were here then. All your help and suggestions about getting Grandpa on Hospice were so much appreciated. You are a wonderful nurse but an even better daughter and granddaughter!

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