Adventurous Eaters

The boys had very little Chinese food when we lived in Oregon.  I mean I made some stir fry but I’m sure my American rendition hardly counts as real Chinese food.  When we moved to Hong Kong we began to eat more rice than I would have every thought.  I’ll never forget Abe coming home from the grocery store with a 20 lbs bag of rice.  In my mind I thought, “that will take us forever to eat!”.  But before long we were bringing another huge bag or rice home from the store.  At home I always wondered why anyone would clutter their kitchen cabinets with a rice cooker.  I mean you can cook it in a pot on the stove just as easy right?  Rice cookers are well…just wonderful.  Can’t quite explain it.  🙂  I have become very fond of my rice cooker and will surely be bringing ours back home!

We have been introduced to lots of new smells and tastes as well.  Our lobby lady has given the boys many different Chinese snacks.  Graham has become fond of dried seaweed believe it or not!  His palate isn’t as ‘formed’ as ours and I’m guessing he will be the one who likes more different Chinese foods than the boys.  But I may be wrong….

The other day we went to a new local Chinese restaurant with our Chinese pastor.  The menu was completely in Cantonese not a stitch of English anywhere…and not a single Westerner anywhere either! 🙂  Thankfully he was there to order for us.  We enjoyed dim sum (various dumplings steamed in authentic bamboo bowls), noodles, pork bao and yes the infamous chicken feet!  I have been amazed at the boys and their willingness to try new things….even chicken feet!  Raising chickens back home in Oregon I wondered if they would have an aversion to chicken feet.  Those chickens had been their pals.   “Hawky” and “Gum Drop” had been their pets, their favorites.   The boys had followed them, held them and fed  them countless times. But both Elliot and Simon tried chicken feet without much hesitation at all.  I’m so impressed by those boys…I couldn’t even bare to put one on my plate!

The restaurant we ate at had a large aquarium where patrons could choose their own fish or seafood to be cooked.  We have seen this at other restaurants in HK but it never ceases to amaze us what you can find in those tanks.  At this restaurant we saw Elephant clams, truly amazing!  Large clams with a ‘trunk’ type critter that extends out of the shell.  We didn’t order any fish this time but enjoyed the fish all the same.


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