Our trip back to the States

Abe had his first scheduled vacation in October which allowed us to fly back to the States for the first time all together since moving to Hong Kong last February. We are so thankful for our flight benefits and being able to fly standby. We made the first flight we tried to get on and the boys did really well. Jet lag was a bit rough with four little boys but we made it. We flew into SF and spent a week with Abe’s folks and his sisters and their families. Our time there was cut a bit short because we received news from the hospice nurse that my grandfather wasn’t doing well and may only have days to live. We were able to fly up to Oregon and spend a week there with him before he went Home to be with the Lord. How thankful I am for the timing of our trip. It was so special for each of us to get to see grandpa again and to be there with my grandma. The memorial service in celebration of my grandpa’s life was wonderful. I’m grateful to have shared in that with my family. Treasured times.

Such sweet memories we have of our trip. Some of the highlights of our trip were:
*seeing all 10 Grindling cousins play together
*the boys’ sailboat ride with Grandpa G
*our visit to Auntie Emily’s farm
*helping care for Grandpa in his last days
*seeing the fall colors
*trip to the pumpkin patch
*connecting with dear friends
*watching my niece and nephews play sports
*drive down the gorge
*Spice girl weekend reunion (dear Biola friends)

As wonderful as it was to be back home in Oregon I felt ready to get back to Hong Kong after those 6 weeks. Back in our own space and back to our life and schedule here. Feeling that way made leaving a bit easier. I was surprised I felt that way… but thankful. Now of course we miss everyone again and are planning our next trip back home! 🙂IMG_2881
















4 thoughts on “Our trip back to the States

  1. Was so wonderful to see you and make some more memories iwth you and your sweet boys. What a blessing!! It must have been a strange but good feeling to be ready to ‘head home’. So, planning your next trip … when might that be? I need something to look forward to! 😉

    • Hi friend…probably should have asked to post a picture of you and your babe! 🙂 A highlight of our trip seeing you and your kiddos for sure. Hoping (fingers crossed) to be able to come home for a short trip sometimes this spring. We’ll see. Coming home likely for all of July! yippee!…oh no, you may be in AUS. hmmm

  2. The timing of this trip was amazing wasn’t it! Both you and Abe were SO helpful with Grandpa. You made it so much easier for both Dad and I. I was so sorry that Abe couldn’t be here for Grandpa’s service – a time of praising God as we honored Grandpa. Memories we will cherish forever. Thanks so much for all you did!

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