handsome pilot

Just had to share these pics of Abe in his uniform and of the 747 that he gets to fly. He is still really enjoying his job. He flies only long haul trips which means he only works 3 trips a month which equals 9 days per month! We feel so blessed to have so much family time right now. Abe has been to Frankfurt, Vancouver, Paris, SF, Anchorage and London. At the end of the month he will fly to Johannesburg, South Africa for the first time. Just wish I could tag along. 🙂 Maybe someday! IMG_1345









3 thoughts on “handsome pilot

  1. Love the picture of him next to the engine (is that what it is?!?! hehe the big fan thing) It’s MASSIVE! And the hat part of the uniform looks kind of ‘chinese’ some how! Oh I don’t know, maybe I’m just a little ‘tired’. I’m so glad that this job has given you all so much more family time. It’s so valuable! It will be wonderful when you have all that family time – and – living back on this side of the world – hopefully just down the road again!

  2. Handsome pilot indeed! The best part though is that he isn’t flying too many times a month or too many days at a time!! We pray for him and you and the boys every time he heads out to some international destination. Hope some day you will get to join him on some of these trips. Love, Mom

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