Visit from Grandparents

Abe’s parents have flight benefits through Cathay now. International flight benefits for our family as well as for Abe’s parents is another blessing of this job. Abe’s mom has been able to come to visit us in HK twice now. The first time was in September and then again in November with Abe’s dad. They were able to spend Thanksgiving with us here. It was special to spend our first real holiday here with them. Thankful to have family to share the day with.

We had a great time spending time with them and showing them our favorite spots. We ventured to the beach, downtown to the fabric market, HK Park and the Aviary, our local outdoor market (where they got to meet our favorite lady who sells fish…and who gives the boys live frogs! ahh…) and to Noah’s Ark Park (where we got to see a replica of Noah’s ark which is true to biblical dimentions) The boys loved having Grandma and Grandpa here. Lots of fun memories were made. We look forward to having them visit again when they are able.IMG_2173














6 thoughts on “Visit from Grandparents

  1. I’m sure it’s just as special for them to share in your life there and make memories with you too! I’m still hoping to make it one day so I can ‘know’ your life there too!!

  2. Oh, now I’m anxious to get back there and see some of the “new spots” you have found – especially the fabric store AND the Noah’s Ark – sounds really neat. So glad Grindlings were there to share Thanksgiving with you. I’m also anxious for Dad to see where you live etc.

  3. I love seeing your pictures! So many flashbacks of my time in China. 🙂 This job with Cathay really seems to be God’s blessing for you guys! So much sweet family time! Love it! 🙂 xo

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