rules, rules, rules

It didn’t take us long to notice that Hong Kong has quite a few rules. In the airport just after arriving to HK the boys were reminded by airport officials that the railings weren’t meant to climb on and that indoor plants weren’t meant to be touched. I suppose that at home in the states we have many of the same ‘rules’ but it’s just that here people like to remind us of them often. You can find a sign posted just about anywhere telling you not to do something. The picture included here is at our local beach believe it or not. You’d almost think that they should include a picture of kids having fun with a big red line through it! 🙂

Sometimes with four active and curious boys I feel like we are always breaking the rules and getting in trouble….running at the pool, jumping over flower beds, climbing over or under railings, touching signs, getting to close to things, hitting things with sticks…you get the idea. The boys are learning that “we aren’t in Kansas anymore”… actually I find myself telling them, “that would be okay in Grandma and Grandpa Raz’s woods but not here in the city”. Really it is good for them to learn boundaries and to come to know what is appropriate when and where. All part of growing up I suppose.

As I have been thinking about rules I began to think back to a children’s lesson on the 10 commandments that I had seen. Basically the 10 commandments are rules for life. This particular children’s lesson depicted each commandment as a piece of protective gear that a child was wearing while skateboarding. For example….the picture had a boy wearing a helmet with Ex. 20:3 – “You shall have no other gods before me” on it and then knee pads with Ex. 2:12 – “Honor your father and mother” written on them…etc, etc. I remember really appreciating that picture and have since tried to use that analogy with the boys. The boy in the picture is doing something really enjoyable…skateboarding. Skateboarding can be enjoyed to the full if you are safe and allowed to continue to skateboard. And if you are hurt (i.e. hit your head, scrape your knees up badly) you likely can’t keep on skateboarding. God does have rules for us but they are because He wants us to enjoy this life He has given us. He has created life and knows how we can best enjoy it.

The HK officials who have created those posted rules here may not care if I enjoy life.  But instead of getting frustrated at all the rules we see here, I’m trying to let those rules help me think on my Father and His ways and what He desires for me (which may not have anything to do with the posted rules! hehe).  He loves us and wants us to enjoy this amazing life that He has given.IMG_4789


One thought on “rules, rules, rules

  1. This sign is unbelieveable! Just another reminder that you are living in another rather unfamiliar culture. Hope you can still enjoy your times at the beach! Mom

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