Our first HK Christmas

This was our first Christmas not living near family. For the first three years Abe and I were first married we lived close to his parents and sisters in the Bay Area. After that we lived in Oregon near my folks and my brothers families as well as my extended family. We had always been able to spend Christmas with our families. Being in HK it was different this year. While we would have loved to spend the day celebrating with family we appreciated many gifts God gave us here. Here are some of the highlights of our first Christmas season here in HK:
*having a Christmas tree (yes it was fake and it was borrowed but it was beautiful!)
*festivities with friends (cookie exchange, kids Christmas party, singing Christmas carols by candlelight)
*Abe not having to work Christmas eve or Christmas day!
*festive Christmas decorations everywhere in Gold Coast
*Advent wreath Abe bought us while in Germany in early December
*Christmas cross Abe and Elliot made out of lights for our balcony
*skyping with family on Christmas
*Christmas ham Abe brought back from Costco in Anchorage!
*hosting and sharing Christmas day with friends who are also brothers and sisters in Christ
*the cards/family pictures and packages we received from dear friends and family back home














3 thoughts on “Our first HK Christmas

  1. The Lord has given you so many wonderful friends there in Hong Kong and you have opened your home and hearts to so many to make their Christmas special too. God is using you in amazing ways. You helped your boys have a great Christmas to remember even though you were away from family. We missed you alot but the memories you made will last forever and will in the future be some of the greatest Christmas memories that you have. Love you, Mom

  2. I have sooooo many comments and questions based on these pics…….we need to talk…..my favorite one was the cookie cutter one where G has no shirt on but is wearing an apron =0

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