dim sum

When Abe and I came to HK for his interview with Cathay (July 2011) my good friend Tira told me to be sure to go out for Dim Sum. IMG_2374


IMG_4928While we were here we found a restaurant overlooking the water for our first Dim Sum experience. We enjoyed our time and it enticed our taste buds to venture out a bit more. Dim Sum refers to a style of Chinese food prepared as individual portions of food traditionally served in bamboo steamer baskets or on small plates. Our favorites are cha siu bao (bun with barbecue pork inside) and steamed dumplings (stuffed with shrimp and cabbage). The menus here at the Dim Sum restaurants we have been to are all in Chinese and have very few pictures. It sure helps when we go with our Chinese speaking friends!

The other morning I was able to go to Dim Sum with two dear friends who also live here in Gold Coast. Dora is from Taiwan and Grace is a native to Hong Kong. They both speak English very well.  Dora studied at a university in the US and met and married an American.  They now have 3 children.  Grace learned English in school here in HK and is now married to an Italian man and they have 2 children.  Each of us have an eldest son age 7 or 8.  Friendship with each of them is a gift as is our sons friendship.  It was a treat to spend time with them and have them share some of their favorite dim sum dishes.

I have come to also appreciate the aesthetics and presentation of Dim Sum…the ruffled edges of the dumplings, bamboo steam baskets, the bite-sized goodness and tiny packages of rice wrapped in grape leaves. Dim Sum seems like the Chinese equivalent to a British high tea. 🙂


3 thoughts on “dim sum

  1. YUM!!!! 😀 so glad you found a good dim sum spot! Hope to share dim sum with you sometime! (random: sometimes we call our kids “cha su bao”… it just comes out of my mouth! haaa no one else knows what i’m talking about!)

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