One Year

The beach is a ten minute walk from our apartment tower. It has become a favorite spot of ours. I still remember the first time I took the boys to the beach on my own. The walkway to the beach is next to a fence that has a green vine running along the top of it. When we moved to HK I remember that green vine being loaded with bright orange blooms. The picture in the header of my blog here is of those flowers. Unfortunately hose gorgeous blooms only lasted a month or so.

Well just the other week we were walking to the beach and I heard Simon exclaim, “Mommy the orange flowers are back!” Sure enough the green vine was being decorated again in orange. I was reminded of the seasons and the cycle of it all. It had been a year ago that we had seen those flowers….that means that we have been living in Hong Kong ONE YEAR!!!! Unbelievable. I can hardly believe that a year has come and gone. We have experienced so much. I’m so thankful for how God has taken care of us. There were so many unknowns before we moved here but the adjustment has been really easier than I had expected. This year has been full with so many new things. It has been hard of course at times. There have been days where we have wondered why we are here but there has been so much blessing. So much blessing. We have experienced more family time that we’ve ever known. It has been bonding for all of us. So ready or not here we go…on to Year Two!IMG_4738


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