missing the tulips

One of my favorite spring outings back home was going to the tulip festival in mid April. I think that Abe and I and the boys went every year since we moved to Oregon. Sometimes it was on a cloudy gray day and other times we’d get lucky and enjoy gorgeous sun breaks. But each time I’d marvel at the fields of incredible color. I joked with Abe often that I was forcing our boys to enjoy flowers! I’d try and get the boys to run up the rows of tulips and snap as many photos as I could in hopes that one would capture the moment.

So it’s mid April here in HK and no sight of any tulips anywhere. We went to the market last week and I hunted through the bouquets at the flower vender but no tulips. I settled for some pretty pink peonies. The peonies are beautiful and have a nice light scent but to me the bold color and simple form of tulips are just magnificent. So I’m missing tulips this year. Not just missing the flowers and having some from the yard to decorate the table with but I’m missing the tradition we had of venturing to the fields and reveling in the array of color.












I looked back through my photos tonight and found these pictures from the tulip fest up in Woodland, Washington. These pictures were taken exactly 3 year ago tomorrow….April 12, 2010. One day Lord willing we will be back in the N.W. and I hope to plant lots of tulip bulbs and be back to the tulip fest in mid April. For now I’m enjoying the fields of color from my computer screen and just reminiscing.


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