We have enjoyed lots of tropical fruit from our local market. One that has remained a favorite around our house is the mangosteen. It is such an unusual fruit. The outside is a dark deep purple color. At the top there are four hard leaves with a thick stem. The skin is thick and fibrous. When the fruit is ripe you can easily pry it open. Inside the mangosteen are these pearly white pods of juicy goodness. Usually half of the pods have a large seed in them. The white flesh of the fruit is so sweet it is almost like candy. So beautiful and so unique inside and out.

Mangosteens are grown mainly in Southeast Asia. Apparently there is no standard product quality assessment or grading system, which makes international trade of the fruit difficult. It is rarely seen in Western countries. I’ve read a bit about the traditional medical uses of the fruit as well as the phytochemicals in the mangosteen peel. Also legend has it that this was Queen Victoria’s favorite fruit! IMG_6542



This will be a fruit that we miss someday. But now it’s mangosteen season so we are keeping the fruit bowl full!


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