This Easter was our second here in HK but our first at our little church in Tuen Mun. It was special to celebrate our Savior with believers here. We sang the same hymns I remember singing at my church growing up on Easter….”Up From the Grave He Arose” and “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”. As we do every Sunday our Chinese friends sang the hymns out in Cantonese and the English speakers sang out in English. Praises in different languages but all to our risen Lord! Beautiful.

It was fun to share a couple of Easter traditions with my friend Grace this year. She and her kids had never dyed Easter eggs before so we had them over to share in the messy fun. I also enjoyed making a few new treats this year. This Easter I made hot cross buns for the first time as well as some sweet Easter bird nest treats with the boys. The ‘birds nests’ were made out of what we call ‘Chinese noodles’ in the States. (You know those small crispy dry noodles that come prepackaged??) I had tried to find them here last year and an American friend told me that she hasn’t ever seen them in HK. So when we were in the US last I picked up a bag to bring back. When Grace and her kids were over I tried to explained these noodles to her and then I had her try one and she assured me that they don’t have them here. 🙂 I think that our ‘Chinese noodles’ just might be American.  So we were able to share our ‘American-Chinese noodle’ bird nest treat with our friends as well as our Easter eggs! 🙂IMG_6008







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