blame it on the rain

Growing up in the Pacific N.W. I was used to rain and gray skies. There were lots of rained out softball games when I was younger. Actually I don’t remember thinking much about the weather or the rain growing up though. It was just the way it was. When I moved down to Southern California to attend Biola University, I remember being amazed that every morning the sun would faithfully shine! I think my roommate got tired of me saying “Isn’t it a beautiful sunny day?!” 🙂 Then Abe and I lived in the Bay Area for the first few years of our marriage and we appreciated the sunshine there as well. When we moved to Oregon in 2006 we had to get used to lots more rain and overcast skies again.

We had an incredible November, December and January this year. Lots and lots of sunshine and mild days. Beautiful! But in Hong Kong there is a rainy season which is usually June through September. Being in the tropics the rain is so different. It can be 85 degrees and sunny and within minutes there can be a serious down pour. The rains can be short lived and sun can return rather quickly. At times the winds and rain are fierce. Last year in June we experienced a signal 10 typhoon which Hong Kong hadn’t had for many years. The wind and rains were just incredible! Along with the warm temperatures and the rain comes the high humidity.

Rainy season seems earlier this year. We have had quite a bit of rain in April and May. Elliot, Simon and Graham have each had a few soccer practices cancelled. Wesley’s beach birthday party had to be moved indoors and other outings have had to change due to weather. We have been waking up to overcast skies quite often lately. The lack of sunshine has been a bit hard to take knowing that we are not quite to rainy season yet. The boys don’t mind the rain though. They actually love to play outside during the down pours. It is still a bit foreign to me that it can be rainy and still so warm outside. The thing I appreciate about the rain here is that is clears the polluted air and makes the skies brighter.  The hills are so lush and green because of all that rain. So I’m reminding myself these days there is beauty even in the rain.IMG_6488






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