Chi Lok Market

Chi Lok is the name of our local outdoor market.  It is a ten minute bus ride from our flat and a short walk from our church.  Sundays after church recently we have spent the whole afternoon enjoying the market.  There is always so much to see…live fish and amazing sea life you have never seen before!…lots of interesting tropical fruits and a myriad of green vegetables.  There are other little shops to buy things and a few little hole in the wall restaurants where you can get a really local Chinese meal.

We have our ‘regulars’ that we visit.  Our first stop is usually the ‘fruit lady’ where we buy apples, oranges, pineapples or mangosteens.  She greets us and like most Chinese people that meet us, she comments on our four boys.  Often we will hear people counting in Cantonese when they see all our boys.  “Four sons” was the first phrase I learned in Cantonese because I heard it so often! 🙂  Most of the time we get big smiles and often a ‘thumbs up’ when people see them.  Sons are very much desired here in Asia and it is unusual in HK to have more than two children.

Then we always visit the ‘fish lady’ at the market.  She has a wonderful laugh and a bright smile.  On two different occasions she gave each of the boys large frogs…yes frogs that she sells in the market for eating!  Ours went home as pets to be released on the grounds here at Gold Coast! 🙂

There is a little park play area for kids near the middle of the market.  The boys enjoy swinging on the swings and just running and playing.  Most children here don’t have their own backyards so on Sundays the park area is filled with lots of Chinese kids.  Last Sunday a few joined the boys in a game of hide and seek.

Before leaving the market we visit the ‘bread lady’.  In her shop she sells fresh sesame rolls and delicious sweet breads.  Her son works with her in the shop as well.  The last time we were there he told Abe, “You know you are famous in this area…the guy with the four sons”.  Abe chuckled…famous at Chi Lok market. 🙂 IMG_2329 IMG_2377 IMG_3603 IMG_3604 IMG_6796 IMG_6800 IMG_6880 IMG_6881 IMG_6882


4 thoughts on “Chi Lok Market

  1. wow! what a place to explore and what memories! wish we could explore with you and add to the number of boys.

  2. from mom in Ca. Really enjoyed the pictures of the boys in the market. I look forward to coming again! I love the people and the culture and you all made it so enjoyable with your love and care. much love, mom, grandma

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