First Birthday!

Wesley turned 1 year old on April 17th!  It is truly amazing how quickly it seems this past year has gone.  I don’t remember the first year flying by so quickly with the other boys.  It seems like we were just leaving the hospital and getting into a cab on a blustering day, bringing our little bundle back home.  What a joy Wesley has been to our family!  I can’t imagine life or this adventure in Hong Kong without him.  We celebrated with a couple of families on Wesley’s birthday.  We were going to have a little party at the beach but the weather kept us indoors.  Our whale themed beach party just happened here at home instead.  It was a special day.  How thankful we are to the Lord for our little guy.  We love you Wesley Abraham!

IMG_6346 IMG_6379 IMG_6367 IMG_6360 IMG_6355 IMG_6366 IMG_6374 IMG_6386 IMG_6397 IMG_6409 IMG_6452


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