Victoria Peak

Living in New Territories especially in Gold Coast, downtown Hong Kong can feel very far away.  To get to Central which is right downtown it takes about 40 minutes by bus.   I realized recently that we haven’t seen many of the tourist attractions here in Hong Kong with the boys.  So a couple of weeks ago I was itching for an adventure.  We decided to head downtown and take the tram up Victoria Peak.  Victoria Peak is considered a mountain here in Hong Kong.  At  1,811 ft  it doesn’t feel quite like a mountain.  Being from the N.W. and used to the Cascade Range, Victoria Peak feels more like a nice hill.  🙂  Once at the top of ‘The Peak’ (which is what it is plainly called locally) you can see beautiful views of the city on a clear day.  The day we went up the sun was out and the sky was bright.  The ride in the tram was fun.  Graham especially loved it as he still adores trains.  The Peak is so steep that as you travel in the tram you can look out the windows and it feels as if the buildings you pass are not rising vertically but oddly like they are rising horizontally out of the hill.  At the top we enjoyed a snack and all the views it provided.  We also saw a man selling oil paintings of HK and another man giving rides in his rickshaw.  Simon and Graham had a ride and were all smiles when they were finished.  Such a fun day feeling like real tourists!IMG_6982 IMG_6961 IMG_6962 IMG_2242 IMG_6958 IMG_6975 IMG_6972 IMG_6973


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