cooking lessons

I’m not sure when I had Indian food for the first time.  I do remember an amazing Indian food restaurant that Abe and I loved to go to when we were newly married.  We both enjoy the rich tastes and unique spices of Indian food.  Here in HK there is a fairly large population of east Indians.

One morning the aroma of Indian food came wafting through our kitchen window.  Our neighbor just below us happens to be Indian.   Abe not having a shy bone in his body 🙂 went downstairs and asked what our neighbor was cooking.  She said that she wasn’t cooking anything.  Abe was determined to figure out where the Indian food smells were coming from.  As he walked down near the field next to our apartment he saw an Indian woman dressed in a sari.  Abe decided to ask her if she had been cooking that day.  She replied that she had been for some residents in the next tower over.  In fact she comes to Gold Coast weekly to cook for others.  Abe without any hesitation asked if she would be willing to come and cook for us!  She accepted and now Victoria comes every Saturday to cook here in our flat!

IMG_6610 IMG_6750 IMG_6932 IMG_7254 Victoria has lived and worked here in HK for the past 20 years.  I found out quickly that she is a Believer and really loves Jesus!  It has been so interesting talking with her about faith, about her family and  life in India and her work here in HK.  When she is cooking the smell of cardamom, cumin, ginger and garlic simmering on the stove is just mouth watering!  She has introduced us to some amazing Indian dishes.  I have been able to watch and learn a great deal.  She has become my teacher.  🙂  Victoria is one of those good cooks that just knows how much of each ingredient to add and never uses a recipe.  She has really tried though to help me write out the recipes with exactly how much of each spice to add to each dish.  I now have the recipes and know how to make: butter chicken, chicken masala, lamb curry, dahl, rajma masala and chappatis!  So come on over for some Indian food! 🙂


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