the farm

Abe and I have a little dream to have some land one day.  We dream of a big garden (his dreams always have more vegetables and mine always have more flowers!) and acres for animals.  A little farm of our own.  Being here in HK it’s hard sometimes not to have our own plot of land, not even a little tiny plot.  We enjoy gardening and working outside together and miss those things a great deal being here.  It’s neat how God works though, knowing what we enjoy and bringing different things our way.

Recently the pastor at our Chinese church has come into some land (approx. 3 acres) out near the village where they live.  The land is actually owned by the government but leased by someone pastor knows.  The yearly lease is less than a bag of groceries would cost.  It is strange how inexpensive it is but the land has basically been given to pastor to use.  Pastor Wong had a vision to turn the land into a place that could bless the church and the community.  Green space isn’t very common here in HK and most people do not have yards of any kind.  With the help of Abe and others a big garden has been put in and a field has been leveled for kids to play foot ball and other games.  A few BBQ pits and some swings were put in as well.  There is a well on the property so there is access to water.  We have been out there a couple of times to help out.  I enjoyed planting some flowers and the boys loved weeding, hauling and chopping!  It kind of felt like old times. 🙂  Fun to see Abe with work gloves on pushing a wheel barrow again! 🙂

The ‘farm’ as we all have begun to call it has already been put to good use!  The teens from church have already had a campout there.  We also had a church picnic at the farm last month.  Pastor Wong has asked Abe to help host the farm day outreach the church is hosting at the end of the month.  Abe will be teaching local Chinese kids how to plant and care for a garden.  It’s nice to be out there and be away from the city.  It is a breath of fresh air.  Good to get our hands dirty even if it’s not in our own farm… yet! 🙂  IMG_5018 IMG_5022 IMG_6678 IMG_6679 IMG_6681 IMG_6694 IMG_6698 IMG_6702 IMG_6706 IMG_6708 IMG_6710 IMG_6720 IMG_6724


3 thoughts on “the farm

  1. So fun! I’d love to hear all about what you can grow, and how the locals have been blessed by the use of this land. Looking forward to updates as it progresses.

  2. Very nice farm. So glad you have access to having a garden. You have lots of seeds in our garage, don’t forget. See you all soon.

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