Chinese Watercolor

Mr. Ho is local artist from our church.  He does amazing Chinese watercolor and has had exhibitions up in China as well as in the United States.  We first met him after church one Sunday when he held a demonstration class.  That afternoon Mr. Ho painted for us but also shared about his art.  He shared how he sees God’s hand in the natural world around us and that is his inspiration for his work.  Creator God…the original Artist.  It was a beautiful testimony.

Elliot has been very interested in drawing recently and we thought he would enjoy learning Chinese watercolor from Mr. Ho.  He now teaches Elliot every Saturday morning in the living room  of his small apartment.  His living room may as well be an art studio with all his paintings, brushes and tools taking up most of the room! 🙂

After his fourth lesson Mr. Ho gave Elliot his Chinese name.  From what we have heard from others it a real honor to be given a Chinese name.  The name given to Elliot is pronounced eye-lay-own.  In the first painting below, Mr Ho painted the outline of the bird and Elliot did the rest including his Chinese name at the bottom lefthand side.  Elliot painted the last picture of the pink flower after he watched Mr. Ho at his most recent painting lesson.  I’ve enjoyed watching so much I’m thinking of getting a few ladies together and taking lessons from Mr. Ho too!

IMG_2147 IMG_2154 IMG_7053 IMG_7074 IMG_7075 IMG_7322 IMG_7461


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