epic summer holiday

Summer in Hong Kong last year was so very hot and humid.  So this summer we were determined to get back home and spend some time in the N.W. where the summer are the glory days! 🙂  The boys and I were able to be back home in the US for two months!  Our trip began a couple weeks sooner than we had expected as there we absolutely no seats available for standby passengers (which is what we always fly on Cathay) when we had originally planned to leave Hong Kong.  The boys did fabulous on the 12 hour flight.  Mighty fine travelers they are!  Even Wesley is getting used to these long flights! 🙂  The whole trip was incredible start to finish.  We were able to do so many things and see so much of our family and many dear friends.  Here are some of our summer highlights:





*Sailing and canoeing in to  Spicer Reservoir in the Sierra Nevada mountains with Abe’s parents and camping for a week!  Fantastic adventures!

*Visiting my roommate and dearest friend from college and spending 2 days with her family.

*Spending 4 days at Sea Krest on the Oregon Coast with Holly’s family…33 of us total (15 kiddos!)  Such a joy!

*Staying at our good friends’ cabin in Revelstoke B.C. and driving through the Canadian Rockies.

*Camping, fishing and exploring in Glacier National Park in Montana!  Amazing!

*Spent time in Corbett with Holly’s folks and grandma!  Picked and ate more than our share of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries!!! 🙂

*Getting to see friends from home, including a handful of sweet Biola friends!

This summer was truly a gift.  Abe was on vacation for 5 1/2 weeks.  This may not happen every summer, or ever again so we are counting our blessings and trying to remember all the special things we were able to do!  Cherishing the memories now as we are back in HK.


One thought on “epic summer holiday

  1. I’m so glad you got to do all the wonderful things you did. Many happy memories for you and the boys! We certainly enjoyed your time with us – busy but oh so fun. Can’t wait for the next time we are together.

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