Kadoorie Beach and Chinese BBQ

While living in Hong Kong we have greatly missed having a backyard.  Without a backyard we have been trying to soak up time at the beach.  The beach is a 15 minute walk from our flat.  Golden beach is the closest beach to us and is quite populated, especially on weekends.  We have found the best little beach just a bit further down along the brick walkway from Golden Beach.  It takes an extra 10 minutes which includes a little walk uphill but it is worth every bit of effort.  Kadoorie Beach is always quiet and there is seldom more than a handful of people there.  It is a small beach with huge rocks at one end and a retaining wall of sorts at the other.  Those clear boundaries make it easy to keep track of 4 little boys.  The water is warm and even in the winter when we think it’s cold it is nothing compared to the cold water of Pacific Ocean off the Oregon coast! 🙂

One reason we love going to the beach is that it’s a great place to BBQ.  At nearly every beach here there are BBQ pits.  The pits are rather close to each other and often in use.  It can be a noisy place on a weekend.  Most people in Hong Kong are apartment dwellers.  Some people live in village houses which sometimes have a small courtyard or patio.  The vast majority of people here have no yard or outdoor space at all.  So the beach and these BBQ sites are a great chance to enjoy the out of doors with friends and family.  It’s a beach BBQ not a backyard BBQ.  🙂  At Kadoori beach we have always been able to get a BBQ pit.  There are fewer sites there and the area around them is more spacious.  Another reason we love Kadoorie Beach.

Chinese BBQ….you may be wondering just what they cook up.  We were curious at first too.  It seems they tend to cook a wide variety of meats and seafood.  Thinly sliced pork or beef and a myriad of small fish are common.  Fish balls are also popular.  They are small balls of fish meat that look like meat balls but are white in color.  Apparently a good fish ball is made solely of fish meat and cooked at length and should have an elastic (bouncy) and fluffy texture and a strong taste of fish.  Fish balls are just that ‘bouncy’.  You just have to try one.  Not a favorite but doable.  🙂  All of these meats are roasted individually on long sticks…just the kind you’d use to roast marshmallows.  Chinese BBQ reminds me of hot pot in that everyone gathers around and cooks their meats together.  It’s such a fun, communal event!

Below is a collection of photos from Kadoorie Beach.  The first few are from this past spring and the last few are from last month.  Wish you all could come on over and spend a Saturday at the beach and BBQ with us!  Oh how fun that would be!  (p.s. And if you are wondering Abe didn’t spray paint the word JESUS on that rock in the photo below…promise.  🙂  It’s been there since we moved here.  Kind of neat!)

IMG_4753 IMG_4758 IMG_4764 IMG_4783 IMG_6761 IMG_9109 IMG_9116 IMG_9126 IMG_9141 IMG_9144 IMG_9145 IMG_9153 IMG_9154 IMG_9156


One thought on “Kadoorie Beach and Chinese BBQ

  1. Some of the first few pictures look like science class. Again, I think it is so wonderful that your boys are experiencing all these various activities and adventures. You and Abe are so good at making everything a real adventure and also a learning experience. The three older boys will have wonderful memories of all these special things that are enriching their lives. Can’t wait for Dad to see all of this in January. Actually I never saw this beach either – looking forward to it.
    Love, Mom

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