fall birthdays


Abe and I have birthdays in back to back months.  In October we celebrated my birthday.  The day started out with a fabulous breakfast from my husband chef.  The teacher got the day off so after breakfast we hit the beach! 🙂  Kadoorie Beach! Later on we shared a picnic lunch on the sand.  It was a warm and absolutely perfect day.  We spent the rest of the day together there and ended with a BBQ dinner.  Abe and the boys even had a birthday cake topped with fresh mango from a local bakery for me.  I remember growing up always wanting a summer birthday.  One where you could have a pool party in the warm sun.  Well this year I felt as if I really had one!

In November we celebrated Abe’s birthday.  Abe’s mom was here visiting us at the time.  It was fun to have her here to celebrate.  Abe’s birthday fell on a Sunday so we began the day at church.  That morning Abe recited the weeks memory verse during the service (which someone does in English and in Cantonese each week).  But Abe decided to learn it in Cantonese!  He did fantastic…according to me! 😉  Actually everyone was quite impressed.  Pastor Wong found out it was his birthday and at the end of the service the congregation sang him happy birthday in Cantonese!  After church we had some rice and noodles at a little ‘hole in the wall’ at our local market.  Before too long a group of Chinese friends from church happen to stop at the same spot for lunch.  Abe promptly asked if we could push our tables together and we shared the rest of our meal together.  We ended Abe’s birthday at Kadoorie Beach for a BBQ with some new Gold Coast friends, sweet Believers from the UK.  

What fun birthday memories.  Both at Kadoorie beach!  Have I mentioned we really love that spot?!? 😉



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